DEN Goes to NECC ‘07


DenTo find out what the images below have to do with the DEN and NECC, you’ll have to either 1) Come to my media/GoogleEarth session 2) visit the Discovery Booth 3) wait until next week when the pdf of the session hits this blog.  In the meantime, the DEN will have a great time in Georgia, great day of media training, and some fun stuff all through NECC. Hint:  With a certain kind of screen overlay, the image stays when the earth moves beneath it.  Frankly, these images are here because the overlayed images have to live on the web to work in Google Earth.  Much fun for teachers and students who want to get more out of Google Earth.  Think:  Wizard of Oz.  More to come! Hall_necc4_4 Hallbeardtnbw  Hallneccdown2

Download HallOz.kmz

Download LookDown.kmz

Download cloud_layer_at_altitude.kmz

Download flickr_photos.kmz

Download Gettysburg.kmz

Download manns_chinese_webcam.kmz

Download plaza_park_jhs.kmz

Download scott_kinneypictureinserted.kmz

Download the_grapes_of_wrath.kmz Download codes_to_cut_and_paste_for_googleearth2.docDownload google_earthwebinar.pdf



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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Hall, I can’t wait to hear a little more about Google Earth! Lance did a quick down-and-dirty look at the Silver Spring DEN Institute yesterday. One question, why the .png extension? What type file is that? Thanks!

  2. darcy said:

    is that a 70s picture of you, Hall….ooohhhh, eerie!

  3. Susan Tompkins said:

    It looks like the 3 are the same person, but different centuries perhaps! Tim, I think it is for portable or pulic network graphic.

  4. Hall Davidson said:

    The .png file is PNG (Portable Network Graphics), created to improve and replace the GIF format, as an image-file format not requiring a patent license. “PNG is pronounced “ping” (/p??/ in IPA), but can be spoken “P-N-G”. (thanks, Wikipedia). I used it because .jpg were a problem because I wanted to create just the head, and needed to create a transparency layer (thanks, Adobe PhotoShop Elements) in the photo my daughter took of me (thanks, Emma). Elements offered the PNG choice but not the GIF, which I was more familiar with. I went PNG and it worked. So that’s why. GIF may be replaced, just when we were learning to pronounce it. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Hall Davidson said:

    You guys are too funny about the picture. Let me just say it was taken from the faculty photo page of a junior high school year book (remember junior highs?). Big points to whoever identifies correct year and state. 🙂

  6. darcy said:

    you also look very much like the “silent” half of Penn & Teller in those photos.

    c’mon, is it before or after “Saturday Night Fever?”
    hints? the same cost as now, or East?

  7. Michelle Moore said:

    I think I’ve got it Watson!
    O.K. Hall, is it somewhere between 1971-74 and in Tennessee? Nashville to be exact?

  8. pchambers said:

    Hi, I thought you said the links to your NECC Google Earth presentations was online here….I sure don’t see any links to the Word document you said was availablae!!!!!

  9. Hall Davidson said:

    Hah! You beat me to the Internet. Everything is there now. The “cheat sheet” on code is the word document and the PowerPoint pdf, which no one saw, is a much more basic how-to for the basics. The session was pushing the knowledge level a bit, but, hey, it was NECC! I would love your feedback. With more time, I could have done more introductory skills and answered questions. But to see coding have relevance again brings me a bizarre geeky warmth. Thanks for coming to the session, if you were there, and sorry if you were turned away by the fire marshall (true!) if you arrive late. – Hall

  10. Danielle Abernethy said:

    I was at the session next door about School 2.0 and could hear your group laughing and just really appreciating the session. While the session I went to was very informative, I think I would have learned more in your session. Thanks for sharing the notes!

  11. Hall Davidson said:

    For the record, the Discovery plug count was 28. The official winner of the date and place stamp for the black and white photo will be announced in the next post. Michell Moore will be pleased.

  12. Heather Hurley - VA Blog Coord. said:

    Hi Hall,

    I enjoyed your presentation. Who do we contact in order to receive Google Earth Pro for free? I want to download it for the DEN Cruise Institute.


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