Gamer Generation Redux

     Many of us are packing and heading to NECC this week so I thought I’d sneak in one more reminder about the two, 1 hour "Gamer Generation" episodes re-airing on the Discovery Times Channel before the blog posts come pouring in from Atlanta.
     Computer gaming in its several forms is obviously an engaging and seductive pastime that taps into some primal learning strategies. Perhaps there is no "place" where you are freer to learn from your mistakes. I will try to sit in on at least one gaming session while I’m at NECC and gain some insight.
     In the mean time, you can "take a hard look at the surprising and disturbing ways that computer games and the people who play them are changing the world."  The episodes are showing twice the evening of June 26th and twice more during the very early morning hours of June 27th.
     How can education "get in the game?"


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  1. Matt Hensler said:

    Being in a computer lab for most of day, I see firsthand the addiction today’s students have with video games (primarily flash games). Our school tries to subdue the addiction by blocking sites, but there’s so many out there, and new ones popping up daily, it’s almost futile. I think instead of trying to rid the schools of the games, we should try embracing them. Take reviews and make them into a game show, or create interactive games that review for tests/quizzes. Teacher’s can use simple game based study guides as well, making them available online so students can do them whenever they want and as often as they want. The ideas are endless, and I believe student’s are more willing to do work/review if it takes the format of a game.

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