IM able to do more now!

I can remember many moons ago, way back when I was getting my BA…
All the fun of communicating with my friends through instant messaging (IM).  Back then, almost everyone used AOL IM, whether you had AOL or not.  It was free and you could communicate with anyone else who was online, quickly and easily.  I’m not sure what happened, but my own personal usage of IM abruptly ceased about 3-4 years ago.  Not until recently did I begin to use IM again…

These days, there are a lot more IM clients: Yahoo! AOL, MSN, Google, ICQ…
So when I went to use IM again, I wasn’t sure which one to use.  Luckily there was Web 2.0 to the rescue!

There are several web-based IM services that combine all of the above IM clients and allow you to talk with anyone on any client at the same time.  My favorite is Meebo.  Sign-up is simple, the service is free and it even allows you to detach the chat window into a new window!

Here’s a use I see for education, aside form the many quick ways to connect with friends, family and co-workers:  Meebo allows users to create custom widgets that can be inserted into any website.  Read: Your Teacher Website!  It’s called the Meebo Me widget.  The system lets you choose your colors and specs and then gives you a simple HTML code to put in your site.  So now you have anyone go to your site and IM you if you’re online!  Maybe a student has a question about homework, maybe a parent has a question about class policys.  I wouldn’t give out confidential info like grades or anything this way, but this embeddable widget could have some nifty uses.

Try it below if you see me online!


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  1. Steve Dembo said:

    I’m a HUGE fan of Meebo right now. I use it when I”m not on my main computer all the time, and used Meebo Rooms in several presentations! Great tip

  2. Brett Harvey said:

    I’ve always been reluctant to join one IM service knowing that friends and students all use different ones. This solves that problem. Let me know if you also know how to create/direct rooms for your students to go to, that would be a great app for me when reviewing before a test.

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