NECC Pre-Event at Stone Mountain

Teryl and I arrived at Stone Mountain this morning around 8:45, nearly 2 hours after leaving the comforts of Cleveland, TN.  We met up with the DEN members who arrived from the Omni and had a quick breakfast before jumping in to our first opening event.

Hall Davidson led is in an open sharing event.  Several DEN members demonstrated websites and projects that they and/or their students created.  We saw digital stories, websites, blogs, handy-dandy tools, and more.

Next, we jumped right into learning about Chroma Key and Green Screens and Adobe Premiere Elements.  Many had already used these tools, but some were "green" newbies.  It didn’t take long to figure out what to do.  Our leaders had already downloaded editible unitedstreaming clips, photos, and sound files for the project.  We had to choose at least one unitedstreaming video and place ourselves in the video using the green screen.  Of course, nothing could be that easy.  All pre-selected files were animal related!

We had 3 hours to choose a clip, create a storyboard, shoot video footage, edit files, and export a finished product.  As with any tech event, some had technical problems with computers and corrupted files.  Fortunately, Vanessa, Theresa, and me (my team) had no problems and were the first to finish!  I will post our work later.

For now, enjoy the slideshare below that depicts the first half of our day.  Next, we’re off to dinner and fun!


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  1. MaryAnn Sansonetti said:

    Looks like you guys had a fun time. I wish I could have gone to the pre-event!

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