NECC Precon Event Stone Mountain, GA

Dscn0440How fitting that for our DEN NECC Preconference Event that we were meeting in Memorial "Hall" at Stone Mountain, GA. Our morning started with a continental breakfast overlooking the relief sculptures here at Stone Mountain.
The view of course was spectacular and brought back memories of climbing up Stone Mountain when I was a wee bit younger than I am now. We moved inside for Hall’s ever so collaborative keynote. Knowing Hall like I do, I can tell he put ALOT of work into making sure it went as smoothly as it went.

Following the keynote Lance started us off on our Team Challenge using unitedstreaming and Adobe Premier Elements and green screens. He shared with us a short tutorial on using Adobe Premier Elements and working in movie layers, cropping and chromakeying. The goal of our projects was to show us ‘interacting with animals’. We were given a saved folder with already downloaded editable clips, still images and sound effects from unitedstreaming.

We were also treated to several shows that we were given special treatment for. Nothing like having a show all to ourselves and although I didn’t go to the other parrot show (I guess that’s what it was, Scott Kinney said that’s what it was!) We also were treated to that other soft drink product (Coke that is, at least for me) with a cooler of it in our room at all times. As always Discovery took great care of us. It was a great time of sharing, connecting, and in my case reconnecting with friends and colleagues I’d not seen in a long while.

The one thing that I will say that I (re)learned is that Adobe Premier Elements is a VERY powerful tool to have in my arsenal. I’d received a copy of it last year, and sad to say it’s collecting dust. I will be adding a green/blue screen to my campus next year so that this can be utilized! Most definitely!!


These notes don’t really make much sense…they were the sharing from the ‘collaborative keynote’. They were typed up as they were being presented.

  • Control Tool box for powerpoint – adding a windows media player tool box and text tool box. Fully functioning windows media player embeded into the powerpoint.
  • – professional development for the AustinISD to introduce ‘educasting’ to their educators. "Risa de Dios" (God’s Laugh) An example of a digital story/educast done by a fifth grade teacher with a student.
  • Canciones de mi Ninez – sharing songs: recording spanish songs to be coupled with either hand drawn or digital images to create a movie.
  • 1800goog411 – google 411 beta 411 call; even more in google, google mobile resources; not sure what it is..but looks cool
  • homophones – using music with powerpoint to teach homophones. Song came from unitedstreaming. This is on the DEN resources site, not sure where, will add the link later

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  1. Diane Scott said:

    Thanks for sharing your notes from the keynote! Sorry you missed the parrot show. It was lots of fun. We had personal time with the trainers and birds, and then the room filled with happy, vacationing families. The show included a considerable amount of audience participation.

    I have to agree, DEN sure knows how to take care of us!

  2. Sawsan Knobel said:

    I too agree, It was a great learning and sharing on a smaller group level. I was able to meet and share the project with very neat and talented people. Thank you all.

  3. Debbie Bohanan said:

    How exciting to create a video using chromokey. I can’t wait for you to return so you can share your knowledge with me.

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