NECC South Carolina is representin'!

The first day of the convention has been incredible. This year, the movement to Web 2.0 is making an impact. There are so many free tools available to be used in the classroom. Our next question is how do we get the firewall a little more open in some of our districts?

Img_0749Today I ran in to many of our SC DEN members around the Discovery both. There is a big contingency from Lexington 1. I also met a couple Richland Two folks as well as the infamous Chris Craft of Lexington 5. Here I am with Amy Dent and Patty Tucker of Lex 1.

Discovery Education hosted a STAR dinner for us tonight to celebrate the 2nd birthday of the DEN. There were at least 200 DEN members from across the country present. The dinner was at Azio and, the SC events coordinator, Donna Teuber (now) of Richland Two was there.


If you are in Atlanta and you want to blog about your time at NECC PLEASE email me or Beth to post your blog entry. or

Enjoy the conference! I have so much to tell you and I will when I start to digest all I am learning and gathering.

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  1. Tim Childers said:

    I had a great time at the dinner on Monday. Glad to see the SC DEN LC so well represented! I look forward to meeting with you again soon. Tim

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