DEN Takes NECC By Storm

We began our day at NECC on Monday with a hunt for Bill Goodwin.  Getting his business card entered us in a drawing at dinner.

After that, Teryl and I headed off to the exhibit area in earnest.  We walked every square inch of the floor, looked at every booth, talked to some vendors, picked up a little information, and were ready for a break to work in the Discovery Booth by 2 PM!

While in the booth, we got to meet many of the 100 STAR DEN members wearing light blue shirts.  We also found out that nearly everyone we talked to subscribed to unitedstreaming at their schools, but many had never head of the DEN!  So we spent a great deal of time telling them about online collaboration, blogs, shared resources, training sessions, and life-long friendships that are formed within the DEN.  With eyes bright and their hands filled with DEN materials, these NECC-weary warriors marched off to fill out applications and join us!  What a great time!

We were able to steal a minute and grab a quick group picture to show off our lovely blue shirts.  Teryl and I were stopped several times by vendors and attendees alike to ask us about the Discovery Network.  These shirts were a great marketing tool that generated some buzz on the exhibit floor.

When the day was over, we headed over to dinner at Azio’s.  When the planning for this dinner began, it looked like there would be around 100 people (the same number as the shirts).  However, as with all things DEN, it began to take on a life of its own.  When the final tally was in, nearly 300 people crowded into Azio’s for the three "F’s" of teaching: food, fellowship, and fun!

After dinner was over, Scott premiered the green screen effects we had completed at Stone Mountain.  Then, we all entered into a scavenger hunt to find someone from each of the 50 states plus one international DEN member.  That entered everyone into a drawing for a new In-Focus projector!  Way cool!  Unfortunately, neither Teryl nor I won.

Keep checking back to the blog.  I’ll be posting some of the cool sites other DENners are using, and some really cool math stuff available from NASA!  Talk to you soon!


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  1. Maryann Molishus said:

    Tim, Thanks for keeping us at home updated. It’s sounds like you are having a great time! And those DEN people sure know how to plan events!

  2. Karla Halcomb - STAR Educator - TN Leaderchip Council said:

    I am so jealous of you all having all the fun; meanwhile I was freezing in cold but beautiful SanDiego. I love the slideshows from NECC and the Institute. Aren’t I the loving wife for passing up the Cruise Institute for my husband’s birthday!!! See you all in a couple of days at the TN LC Day of Discovery on Thursday the 28th!

  3. Mable H. said:

    You have truly captured the moments….it was a great time!

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