NECC Day 2

      My few minutes of fame got a couple of minutes’ boost yesterday when I attended Mitch Aiken and Frank Guttler’s American Film Institute presentation. During their "Digital Filmmaking in the Core Curriculum" session, Carol Anne McGuire and I got some screen time in the form of interviews that were video’d when we were at AFI in Los Angeles last March.Jbnsean  I made my screen debut with Sean Astin during the interview clip, but you’ll have to look carefully (don’t blink!). The DEN and "Lights! Camera! Education!" program on unitedstreaming were also featured in an article by Mitch in the spring issue of "American Film" magazine.
     The day ended with an intimate celebration of the DEN’s second birthday with more than three hundred of our immediate DEN members and friends. After looking over the get-to-know-you game sheets, it seems to me that all but five or so states were represented. Go DEN!! 


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