NECC 2007 – Atlanta – Day 3

I going to start this post at the end of the day.  As I was walking around the exhibit hall yesterday  I came across these pirates.  Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t expect to find pirates at NECC.  These pirates were part of TurningPoint Audience Response System’s Booth.

With 100% PowerPoint® integration,
TurningPoint delivers immediate interactive response functionality to
students and teachers. Using this powerful educational technology tool,
teachers can evaluate the collective understanding of the entire class,
conduct formative assessments, and track individual student learning at
the point of instruction. TurningPoint interactive questions
can be used for assigning participation points, grading tests, as well
as tracking student performance against "No Child Left Behind"
standards. Educators can also create and run reports for virtually all of their classroom needs; from individual student participation scores to entire classroom results.

062607_17052After listening to how the response system worked I was given two gold coins.  I was able to turn those coins in for a chance to win a prize.  Luckily my colleague Wendy and I won VIP passes.  At 4:30, TurningPoint whisked us away from the convention center in a stretch Hummer Limo. We arrived at a trendy hotel where we took the elevator to a rooftop deck.  There we were treated to cocktails, appetizers and a fabulous view of downtown Atlanta.  Check out TurningPoint because they definitely know how to treat educators.


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  1. Dani Hall said:

    AAARRRGGGGHHHH! How cool is that! You sound like you are having a blast and learning lots. See you soon.

  2. Karla Halcomb - STAR Educator - TN Leaderchip Council said:

    Wow – what an experience! Are you always that lucky? I’ll definitely give the product a look!

  3. Heather Hurley said:

    I wish I was always that lucky 🙂 Several teachers in my district use TurningPoint products and love them. Stay tuned I’ll be posting my final NECC entry over the weekend.


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