NECC Day 3

     The day started with a great deal of nostalgia for me. Roger Wagner and his flagship program, HyperStudio, were the biggest reason I morphed from Spanish teacher into certifiable multimedia maniac. So when I bumped into him on Monday and he invited me to breakfast for the official announcement of HyperStudio, which he has reacquired, I had to be there. The Mac version will be out in August and the PC by January ‘08. What he had ready to show us looked good and very familiar. Stay tuned for  HyperStudio 5 official release review.
     I couldn’t get into Hall’s Staggeringly Good Things Integrating Media and Google Earth presentation. But you and I can catch it on Media Matters and off the NECC podcast page. Hall, I thought you were going to save me a seat!
     Later, I did get a chance to sit in on webcasts of the AFI’s Frank Guttler being interviewed about our favorite makin’ movies program and then Charlene Chausis discussing her ISTE Technology Leader of the Year award. You can catch those videos and an interview with Hall and closing keynoter Tim Tyson at NECC’s video on demand site.
     Visual Learning: An Accelerant by Cheryl Lemke of the Metiri Group touched on many topics near and dear to my visual storytelling heart. From graphing the dangers of launching a Space Shuttle in freezing weather to student created videos on making good choices, she talked about how cognitive science proves how learning is enhanced when text, sound, and pictures combine to deliver a memorable message.
     CNN makes the facts (science, history, etc.) behind the news relevant to students and the curriculum with features and streaming video.
     As for gaming, I did get a few different views of how this can fit into a school. gives girls a look at the world by creating their own rock stars, commercials, and music videos. Funded by Office on Women’s Health (OWH), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
–There was a playoff going on between New York and Orlando students based on collecting spheres and plotting their coordinates on a graph. You can stun your opponents to buy yourself more time to “do the math” as you race around the virtual landscape: Evolver.
–There was a birds of a feather session on gaming at the end of the day. The participants ranged from those teaching programming to content teachers to WebQuest creator Bernie Dodge. Way to much to digest before I attempt to summarize. Stay tuned…


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