Attending NECC Virtually

This year I missed attending NECC in Atlanta, but I didn’t really miss NECC. I was envious of everyone being together F2F. I didn’t get to give hugs and laugh with everyone, or walk the exhibitor floor collecting free stuff. But, I did learn a lot while attending NECC virtually.

I Skyped into the DEN pre day event for a few minutes that was held at Stone Mountain. Wish I had thought of that earlier in the day, thanks Jen, Anne, Hall and Steve for chatting with me. Also thanks to Charlene and Skype I even heard most of the Sunday night keynote. Congrats again Charlene on your well deserved award.

I chatted and twittered with some friends as well throughout the week. I’ve been reading all the blogs I can this week. It will take me weeks more to get through hitchhikr and technorati,  but I did keep up with all those in my bloglines. Each day this summer, I’ll go back and watch as many of the VOD I can find off the ISTE site or TeacherTube and listen to the podcasts from ISTE or itunes.

But the best part of NECC was participating in SL. I spent a lot of time on Monday at ISTE Island HQ visiting with everyone who was at the NECC RL playground in Atlanta and some like me just trying to experience NECC from their own homes.  I made so many new friends, who have similar interests. We shared ideas and links and I invited many to join DEN in SL too. Monday night I joined  the Birds of a Feather ISTE event in SL, while others watched in RL. My avatar is right in the center of the screen movie made in RL from that session.

Then Tuesday night I met Kristy Flanagan in SL to listen to the WOW2 Tuesday Night Chat which was being broadcast live from NECC. Macsmom came into SL and started inviting others to join us in the DEN house in SL to be together while we all listened in. Some of us were able to join the live chat, others chatted in SL. We didn’t figure out how to all stream the audio into SL, but we listened via web or iTunes at our own computers.  It was an impromptu gathering and the conversations lasted well after WOW2 went off the air. At one time there were about 15 avatars in the DEN experiencing NECC in SL. Some were both in SL and RL.

It was so much fun sharing this experience together.


That’s Macsmom, myself, Kristy, Beth, Etdoc and some others around the fireplace in the DEN house. 

So although I didn’t get to go to Atlanta, I did experience NECC virtually.

Look for me, Lor Fredriksson, in SL and let’s continue the conversations. I’m usually hanging out in the DEN house on Eduisland II  or ISTE island, when I’m not exploring or taking others on tours.

I really hope to be in San Antonio next year and experience NECC in RL and SL!


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  1. Tim Childers said:

    I think what you are doing in SL is going to be fantastic! I’m trying to find the time to get back in world and see what all is going on. The presentation the LC gave at the Silver Spring Institute was incredible. I hope your blog will be posted along with all the other states ASAP!

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