IL-TCE 2008 "Learning without Boundaries" Feb. 26-29, 2008

IL-TCE 2008 “Learning without Boundaries” Feb 26-29, 2008 is now accepting
proposals submissions for full day workshops, half day workshops, general and
poster sessions. The new form is available off the new ICE website at:

Information about past confernences is available at:


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  1. atruger said:

    I was thinking that to stir the pot some DEN members from Illinois should submit a proposal about DEN and STARS. I can’t do it because I always do several clay sessions and I am considering doing a SL session as well, but thought I would throw the idea out there that someone should…try to drum up some more interest in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indy area…just an idea?

  2. darcy said:

    a big thanks to ICE and Anne and Beth…and all who welcomed the AZ party crashers to your event in ATL.

    you guys are great! and always welcome in AZ – we have great winters! (summers at 115 aren’t too much fun)

    darc ;-}

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