Now I Know – Do You?


Have you seen the enhanced, revised, expanded, etc. Did You Know/Shift Happens video from Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod? 

If not, you will be amazed.  It is fantastic and even engages the viewer to contribute to a collaborative community through a Did You Know wiki.  The wiki contains a history of the Did You Know / Shift Happens project, sources, implementation ideas, and tons of other valuable information.

Check out Karl’s blog posting about this video’s release as well as Scott’s blog posting.

This is a a video that every educator – from classroom teachers to school superintendents to parents should view.

On a related note, I am headed to Willard Daggett’s Model Schools Conference in Washington D.C.  This video perfectly compliments the WHY portion of Daggett’s call to reform — why change is needed, what needs to be changed, and how change should occur.  In answer to the WHY, Daggett exposes four mega-trends shaping the world: globalization, shifting demographics, technology, and changing values and attitudes.

I will most definitely be blogging from D.C.  So, if you are interested in learning more about Daggett’s research, visit the International Center for Leadership in Education site and check back here over the course of the next few days.

By the way, if you want to weigh in to address WHAT needs to be changed, you can take the National Essential Skills Study.


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