ThinkLink probes and planning

Hello everyone;

As my thoughts begin to turn to the new school year, I’d like to know if any of you have had experience using the ThinkLink probes with your students on an ongoing basis? Are you planning time for this daily? Weekly?  Have you tried using the ThinkLink probes during your computer lab time?  Last year, I had success with this by enlisting the occasional help of our computer lab assistant.  While the class worked on other assignments, we worked together to help students who needed individual help with specific subskills.

Currently, I am planning to use the probes at least twice a week with my second grade students.   I will enjoy “sharing notes” with you!


One Comment;

  1. Lynn Burdick said:

    We had several schools using ThinkLink this year. They fell all along the continuum of use. One school didn’t give all the tests. One used ONLY the tests. Most schools that used the probes didn’t start using them regularly until after the second test so they could target skills the kids would see on the state tests. The data from the first test was used to drive large group classroom instruction.

    Several of my teachers have talked about trying to use some of their lab time for probes earlier in the year; they just have to include the design of their probes in their already limited planning time. Almost none of my teachers have help in the computer lab.

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