DEN WI Leadership Travels to Maryland


Four Wisconsin STAR DEN Members selected to attend the DEN National
Leadership Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland from June 18 – 22.

On June 18, 2007, Deb Donley and Rita Mortenson, from Verona Area
School District, and Cathy Houchin and Crystal Nelson from Watertown
School District, flew from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the DEN National
Institute in Silver Spring, MaryDinoland.  If I could describe the week in
one work it would be INCREDIBLE.  When we first arrived, we met at the
Discovery Communication headquarters.  This is a beautiful building set
in downtown Silver Spring.  When you walk in the front lobby, there is
a huge
dinosaur and other cool exhibits for you to see.  We were
greeted by Scott, Lance and Jannita and then hit the ground running
with one of our first team assignments –  create an enhanced podcast
about how technology has changed the way we teach and students learn.

Day 2 was all about making movies and with Joe Brennan.  Joe had some
great stories to share and movies to show.  Thanks Joe!  Before the
amazing movies were shown in the big
HD theatre that night, we got a
chance to meet the Executive Producer of Perfect Predator for Shark
week, John Grassie.   Shark week is going to air on August 1 so watch
for it, you will be on the edge of your seat.

On day 3 Steve Dembo gave a really eye-opening presentation on Second
Life and gave us a virtual tour of the Discovery Education Building on
Eduisland II.  It is always entertaining to hear Steve present and
today was no exception.  He also showed us some really cool web sites
that you can access at

On the evening of Day 3, we had dinner on the rooftop of the Discovery
Communications and then got a 4 hour tour of Washington D.C.  I think
everyone can agree that this was an evening we will all remember.


Day 4 there was no shortage of projects to work on.  With all of the
stuff we learned throughout the week, groups were trying to put
finishing touches on their final movie of the week.  Most groups worked
well into the evening to finish up things.


Day 5, our final day was here.  We met for the last time in the HD
theatre and had a chance to view each team’s project on the big
screen…that was really cool.  After that, laptops, digital cameras,
iPods, digital video cameras, powercords were all being packed up for
our return trip home.  We made a lot of great friends and learned so
much.  We would like to thank Scott, Lance and Jannita for this
wonderful opportunity.  It will definitely be one of highlights of our
summer.  Thank You!


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  1. Rita Mortenson said:

    I attended the DEN National Summer Institute in Maryland. I will also be attending the Apple Distinguished Educators Workshop in Monterey, CA from July 23-28!

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