Skitch – Mac only but worth the mention

I generally try to keep these posts to online sites and free ones at that, but this one is so cool that I have to share it even though it’s only for Mac users right now.

At EduBloggerCon, John Pederson showed me a screen capturing utility that really rocked my world.  I know what you’re thinking right now, how could a screen capturing program really get someone excited?  Especially on the Mac, which has pretty strong support right out of the box….

Well, Skitch really has some features that make it seemless for the world of 2.0.  Let’s start off simple.  It’s a screen capture utility from the people who created Comic Life.  You drag a box on your screen and it takes a screenshot of it.  Sweet.

Here’s where it starts to get juicy though.  Once you’ve taken it, it brings up a window where you can resize the screen cap just by dragging the window larger or smaller.  Incredibly easy to get it the size you want.  And the window has all the whiteboarding tools you might need to mark it up as well.  Arrows, boxes, freehand, all so that you can highlight the parts you want to emphasize. 

And now we get to the part where I start drooling.  Once you have your screen cap ready, you can just drag into into your PowerPoint, KeyNote, or Word document.  Or if you’re the online type (and I am), with a single click you can upload it to their servers and get a snippet of code to embed it into your blog, forum post or web page.

Old way: Screen capture, open up file in Photoshop, crop and resize, mark it up, upload it to Flickr or AllYouCanUpload, copy code, embed into site.

Skitch way: Screen capture, adjust image, click upload, copy and paste.  All from the same program.  VERY nice.

So if you’re a Mac user, get yerself in line to get into this beta.  It’s a fantastic offering from Plasq which I hope they’ll port over to Windows. 


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  1. Dani Abernethy said:

    I signed up for the Beta Test! I am looking forward to using this tool. They did say that if you had a friend using it, you might be able to get an invitation from them instead of waiting in line for a beta to come open.

  2. Hall Davidson said:

    Steve, Great tip. Although you mention that Mac are pretty good out of the box, I have begun to miss the text utilities in SnagIt (From TechSmith). You didn’t mention goodies other than the code snippets but I’ll bet the Comic Life people managed to sneak in some text utility, too. Maybe even arrows!

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