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Yeah, yeah, I know – blogging should be done in the moment…but there were so many moments at the NECC conference in Atlanta, it was too overwhelming to do in between the volunteering for ISTE/DEN, the sessions, exhibits, ISTE playground displays, and oh yeah, the parties…whew! And did I mention my first “national” presentation at the tech4learning booth, complete with head set (britney, watch out!).

First off, it was great to finally connect with all the DEN members I’ve known virtually over the past year: Teryl and Tim, what a party, huh? And let me tell you, Teryl is TIRELESS!       

Anne Truger, such a trooper and educator extraordinaire gets a load of thanks for taking me under her wing, and letting me in on the wonders that NECC has to offer.

And thankfully, Tom Turner was there to give me a hug and bring it all home again…

Of course the DEN folks, Betsy, Lance, Scott, Dembo (just so weird to use “Steve”), Joe, and Jannita, whom we all know and love were there with bells on (and at times in some long-sleeved planet earth tees…who was thinking there, in ATL?) I saw Coni, Bill Goodwin, and the behind the scenes DEN folks (whose names escape me, but YOU know who you are!) who work tirelessly to make everything work for us, on the DEN site and off.

WE met and received our blue and yellow DEN polo shirts for Mon/Tuesday, went to the AZIO’s DEN party Monday night, for a fun-filled scavenger hunt/cocktail mixer, meeting DEN members from the 50 states+, and ran into DEN members and staff throughout the conference at the WONDERFUL Discovery Exhibit and various state tech events (ICE, where Mr. Brennan kicked my butt in pool).

I must say I was “star-struck” to see David Warlick, Alan November (whom I guided to the elevators), and the beloved Tony Vincent…I’m such a tech geek. Sad, isn’t it?

I must say, that my eyes were open to some tech goodies I was not aware of: Smart Board has tools I must start using, but Promethean has some boards and software that I may be writing grants to obtain- I was frothing at my impromptu private demo up in their meeting room on the 4th floor of NECC. Thanks to Anne on that one! a free resource seems to be a tool I will plan on using in the upcoming school year. They have downloads, free posters/worksheets, a wealth of info available online for us to use- sans subscriptions ($$).

A few sessions I attended included one on Second Life (SL) and the CNN Student site– and watch, if you haven’t checked it out yet, for CNN’s new site launch July 1st– way more user/video-friendly and interactive.  Second Life is almost over-whelming, but there are tutorials and “tours” available for us newbies, check out the EduIsland info for more on that- and yes, SL is a download/install and really should be experienced before judgment. I felt so lucky to be at NECC- as I sat at the SL station in the ISTE Playground, people were stopping behind me, watching, and asking if (and presuming, some) I was presenting on SL!!!!  How funny, huh?

Recently, Lori Abrahams, IL DEN provided me this link, with TONS of info about what’s going on in SL and I can’t wait to meet Lori…luckily she’ll be in AZ for a time so we can meet up ~ she attended NECC, through SL, virtually. How cool is that?

The CNN site, for those of you covering social studies topics or current events, should know that the 10 min clips are not yet editable, but may be used, with proper reference on school web sites. CNN Student News also has many interactive tools to use in class- for maybe your class “opener” or “ticket out the door” if you so choose to use it~ an RSS feed is available too.  **Right now, CNN Student News is off the air for the summer, but you can watch special summer editions of the program at On August 20, they’ll return with the daily program on CNN Headline News at a new time, 4 a.m. If you want to tape the show, set your VCR for 4:00-4:10 a.m.  Eastern Time on Headline News (Check your local listings for channel number).

A shout out to AZ DEN I met, and those who are not yet really involved…if you have not yet attended NECC, you should…and from what I understand, the next best thing, TCEA, Austin TX, in early February 2008.

Plan to go, if you can!

And remember, we’ll be setting up events in AZ- watch for the AFI event coming this fall, to Sedona…

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  1. joe Brennan said:

    With “only” 3 preps, Darcy, there should be plenty of time to work on your pool game. 😉

  2. Lori said:

    Don’t forget to share that DEN is also in SL. Come check out the DEN house on eduisland II and the DEN in SL blog to learn about how I did NECC virtually –
    Join DEN in SL and get notices for when we will have DEN events in SL.

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