What Have You Fallen in Love with Lately?

Since NECC a lot of ideas having been stirring around and our product development team would love to know what you think.  What did you see at NECC (or other conferences) that wowed you?  What ideas do you have for creating the next really powerful tool to help teachers?  Let us know.  Three questions, open-ended, anonymous.  Tell us what you think.  Just click here



  1. Gwen Thomas said:

    I was WOWED by the information received regarding PODCASTING. How totally awesome…!
    Students are already using this tech medium at home (personal ipods, Internet access, computers/laptops, video equipment, etc.) for recreational purposes. Let’s tap into to this resource and use it for meaningful instructional activities. Thanks Steve Dembo for the wonderful tips…!

  2. darcy said:

    i have to say i’m on a new mission to write tech grants…I want Prometheian’s board/product.That built-in projector is so cool…i had a mini private demo by a teacher who uses their stuff…and i’m awaiting a rep’s call.

    Thankfully i’m “only” teaching 3 preps this first semester, so while we work on our school’s web site, i can also work on writing grants! yippie!

    I also loved the CNN student news
    session…see my blog for more info~

    of course doing more Discovery events incorporating the 50 ways…is always up there (do i detect brwon on my nose?)

    And i want it this year!!!!

  3. Dave Solon said:

    I want to thank the DEN for letting us experiment with the “green screening” effects at Stone Mt. What a fun and educational day we had! I’ve been meaning to try out that particular technology for quite a while now, and FINALLY I got the chance because of the DEN. It gives me some fun ideas for vodcasts and instructional videos for the classroom. Thanks again for the great outtings you provide for educators!

  4. Heather Sullivan- NJ DEN LC said:

    Only 3 preps, Darcy (lol)- plenty of time left to change the world!!

    I can’t wait to see what Discovery will come up with next. And to know that WE can have a REAL SAY in what that will be, well, I’ve got goose bumps already…

    Great job at NECC everyone 🙂

  5. Susan Tompkins said:

    I truly loved the green-screen project we worked on in DC. I will be teaching Gifted/Talented, Enriched, General maths, and Web Design (6 preps-Darcy, I hope that makes you feel a little better) this year and really want to experiment with even more 2.0 activites and technology. There is no way one person can have all the information, so thanks for sharing Lance, Joe, and the others.

  6. Dani Abernethy said:

    I loved the whole School 2.0 talk. We have Web 2.0, but most schools are not prepared or willing to allow these tools in the building for oh so many fears, I mean reasons. The one session I went to was okay, but the talk from the attendees were awesome! So my take away is preparing the students for the 21st Century, getting our schools 2.0 educated so we can properly integrate such tools and then I’d have to say the one thing that I fell in love with that is tangible is the Promethean Board, as Darcy says. I got to see how Promethean works with netTrekker and Discovery products, along with other cool tools and was just wowed!
    And the new Inspiration CD. Love the new templates.

  7. Billie Hetrick said:

    I was really “WOW”ed by the Second Life” presentation by Steve Dembo in Silver Spring last month. I think the educational possibilities for this “virtual reality” could be limitless. I felt like we just got a teaser of all the cool things that this “new world” has to offer. I would really like to learn more about this and see how it can be used in the classroom.

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