Podsafe Music

I’ve mentioned it before, but given the recent demise of AllofMp3.com, the biggest violator of music copyright since Napster, I figure it’s worth a repeat appearance. 

While I love FreePlayMusic.com, the name is horribly deceiving. The audio there is not Podsafe, and for most purposes they actually charge a pretty fair amount (that’s relative to educators, not Hollywood types).  You really have to scour their ratecard to understand what fees are actually involved. 

In direct contrast to this, GarageBand.com is extremely podcast friendly, and has a very easy system for determining whether music is ‘podsafe’ or not.  If you can download it, you can podcast it.  Technically, if the music isn’t covered by Creative Commons, then you only have permission to republish it through GCast.com (their sister site), but most bands that I’ve found use CC.  You can read the details here if you like.  However you do it, it’s common courtesy to let bands know you’re using their music.  More often than not, they really appreciate hearing that schools are using their music!

Personally, I’ve found it to be a fantastic source of podsafe music, as well as music to fill up your iPod!  And not only that, it’s also highly EduSafe.  I’ve never come across anything objectionable during my time spent surfing around through the site.

Oh yeah, and if you find any choice funk tracks, let me know 🙂


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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Steve, thanks for the reminder. I’m finally putting together a podcast (after promising myself to do so after last year’s DEN National Institute!). The music I chose is from GarageBand.com. I hadn’t really thought of contacting the band, but I think that is a really good idea. Thanks again!

  2. Lee Kolbert said:

    iLike can help you discover new artists through their automatic recommendations using GarageBand. There is a slick, Flash-based interface that automatically opens as a sidebar in iTunes. They claim no adware or malware. So far, iLiking it. When you add friends and they install the iTunes/iLike toolbar, you can see what music they’ve listened to recently and what music enjoy most often.


    Check it out. Wouldn’t it be fun if all the DEN members can download iLike, then add eachother to our “Buddies” and start “groovin’ to the music.”

  3. Mary Kuterbach said:

    Steve- With all the interest in podcasting I’d like to see you give some more information on the legalities of using music. There are many educators who really don’t know the basic ins and outs of using music legally. Thanks though for all your information here.

  4. Pete Smith said:

    Most of our tracks have been released under a creative commons license.

    We are an independent record label not a big bad corporation out to sue you for file sharing, we WANT you to spread our music around.

    With such an overcrowded market place giving away your music is essential in my opinion. The biggest problem for emerging indie artists today is obscurity, not piracy. To find out more listen to The Antiqcool Podcast


  5. Jeanne Brown said:

    I am fairly new with using technology with my kids. Copyright is definitely an issue I need to be aware of. Is there a totally safe place where I can send my kids for pictures, videos, and music?

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