T+L ‘07 Winners

Three schools will be sending some of their young film makers down to Nashville this fall to show attendees at the National School Board Association’s T+L Conference how a powerful message can be packed into sixty seconds. This year’s Student Moviefest challenge was to make a PSA (public service announcement) addressing “How Can One Person Make a Difference?” The winners at each grade level get a stipend to attend the conference and an iMac computer for the classroom to help further their creative endeavors. I’ll spend the next week looking at the three top entries and sharing what I think you can learn from them to help improve your students’ work.
First, I’m delighted to share the Club Aztecas video, “I Have the Power to Change the World!” from the Indian Knoll School in West Chicago, Illinois. They are the first place winner in the Elementary category. Their piece is a good example of making words come alive. They start out with a nod to the past by building on the famous “Ask not…” quote from JFK’s inauguration speech. Words and text then come alive with students declaring their power in a number of languages (a great way to honor every students’ culture and reinforce their worldwide impact) as text dances and pulsates across the screen. Add a nice (homemade, I presume) music track to keep up the energy and “echo” the message, and you have a winning combination.
Though this seems to have been done in Final Cut Pro, users of entry level programs like iMovie and MovieMaker can still bring text in over pictures and video in a way that makes text an important actor in the story.
Coming up, we’ll look at what middle schoolers learned from a Holocaust survivor and how high school students see one random act of kindness as a life saver.
All three videos are available at www.nsba.org/t+l/moviefest/index.cfm


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