Thoughts from Silver Spring

I had a great learning experience at Silver Springs. I was so pleased that I got to finally meet Jannita, she is a great person with a lot of energy. I was also very pleased to see Lance again. He gave us an informative session about all the new things with unitedstreaming. Shelly Sentora-Jones the person in charge of unitedstreaming said she wanted us to be more involved with how it is running. I use it every day and give lots of in-services with unitedstreaming and have lots of ideas to contribute, so  I will give her a call soon. I also got so many new web sites from all the participants that I need a year to go visit all of them!  One of the things I wanted to learn was how to better use the green and blue screen and I had lots of practice with my group. One of my best moments was the opportunity to visit
Washington, D.C. for 4 hours, it was so beautiful at night. My best moment was able to meet with the producer of "Shark Week" John Grassie. He told us all about sharks, I was totally in awe with him. I also got to take a picture after his lesson. I was so overwhelmed with his stories about sharks that I decided to go to Honduras to dive for several days. One of my dives was with 25 reef sharks, it was an amazing moment. As you all can see I learned a lot and hope to share everything with my Texas DEN members in September.
Judith Valle, Guest Blogger

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