Congrats to Teryl…Spotlighted DEN Member Extraordinaire!

To those of us who know her, it comes as no surprise that Teryl Magee, our own TN Leadership Council Chair, would be placed on the Spotlight page of the DEN website.  You can read all about Teryl at this site.

Her bio brings two questions to the front of my mind.  First, how does one person find time to do all that stuff?  Second, what is the Fantasy of Trees?  Congratulations, Teryl.  Enjoy the FL Institute for all of us!


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  1. Teryl Magee - TN DEN LC, Chair said:

    Thanks, Tim! To answer your questions…I don’t know how I have time…ask me when I fall down from sheer exhaustion (JK…I wouldn’t have it any other way). Second, Fantasy of Trees is a benefit to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Knoxville. Each year our school donates a tree and all of the decorations (made by the kids) and the tree goes up for sale at an expo called “The Fantasy of Trees” which is held at the Knoxville Convention Center every year. It is an awesome way for our kids to give back to the community! I love doing it..BTW Karla is the co-coordinator with me! To find out more about The Fantasy of Trees visit this site:

  2. Karla Halcomb - STAR Educator - TN Leaderchip Council said:

    A personal congrats to Teryl who keeps me on my toes and active in many ways. She has definitely become a superb springboard for terrific ideas and projects. Even though I work closely with her I have no idea how she has time for everything in addition to being a dedicated mom and wife. Somehow she maintains a social life as well! A true energizer bunny!

  3. Sally said:

    Congratulations Teryl! You are an inspiration to all who know you. Tennessee is lucky to have your leadership. Exciting events will be in the works for the Discovery Educators of TN with Teryl leading the way!

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