2 days to Florida Institute

I’ve been packing now for the last 2 days to get ready for Sunday’s beginning to the DEN’s 2nd of 3 Summer Institutes. I guess this summer I’ve been very blessed as this is my third event I’ve been able to take part in with the DEN since the end of school. Personally, I think this Institute will be a NICE culminating event for my summer of learning.

I’m hoping to purchase a card to be able to log onto the internet while out at sea to keep the masses abreast of how everything is going. I will also have pictures added to Flickr once the tag for the images have been set.

If this year’s Institute is anything like last year’s, I’m sure we will be quite busy from sun up to sun down.



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  1. Teryl Magee - TN DEN LC, Chair said:

    I am on my way, too! See you Sunday!

  2. darcy said:

    watch out for that crazy Teryl!

    have a great time, and stay afloat!


  3. Erik Wittmer said:

    You guys will have a great time because we had a wonderful time at DC this year. Enjoy it and make some great resources from all around the states.

  4. Nancy said:

    I’ll be seeing you on board! In my hotel room catching up on all my mail….DEN is gonna ROCK THE BOAT!!! (uhhhh….I think I’m supposed to be calling it a ‘ship’…oh well….LOL)!

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