Floating DEN Institute

It was just a day ago that we headed out of Port Canaveral for Freeport, the Bahamas. We were in sessions yesterday until after 10pm and had a feverish time putting together a Door Scene under the able instruction of Joe Brennan. We had some skilled, comical, creative short scenes that showcased the power of technology to challenge, transport and transform the ordinary. Today we met in our project groups and spent our shore visit working to collect the information needed to complete the task at hand. We are on an incredibly tight schedule, but have found moments here and there to meet the fabulous teachers we are traveling with, explore the boat and walk around an absolutely GORGEOUS island!!!! The learning is fast and furious. Tonight is fancy dress up tonight… more pix to follow!

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  1. Tom Turner said:

    Never a bad thing when someone comes up to me and says, “Darcy said that you were “ok” to hang out with” It worked out very well…Thanks for the heads up to Diana for that. Made for a GREAT week.


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