Not so educational, but you'll save money!

Everyone loves a good deal! Here’s another way to save money using that grand ‘ol internet thingy.   I’m fortunate enough to have found myself traveling quite a bit this summer.  I’d say that from June to September I will have been on over 10 airplanes.  I hope others are getting out there and exploring as well.   How do you know if you’re really getting the best deal on flights? I suppose you could listen to a little gnome, but you may want to try Kayak.cAkayakbigorangeom. 

Kayak is a great Web 2.0 site that searches most (not sure if it’s actually all airlines, but it seems to do a darn good job) airlines and even site like Cheaptickets and Priceline.  It’s really easy to use and lets you search using flexible dates,  close airports and a myriad of other useful qualities. 

When you search, check out the "other options."  There’s even a little graph that tells you how the price of your ticket has risen or fallen in the past 90 days!
Another added benefit is that Kayak lets you buy your ticket directly form the airline, so you can retain your frequent flyer miles.  Check it out. See you in the sky!


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