What about performance based assessment?

I am teaching at a teacher institute in two weeks and I was putting together my presentations.  My first title was “Using Technology for Authentic Assessment”.  Then I looked at some definitions of authentic assessment.  One of the ones I found was “Assessment that fits meaningful, real- life learning experiences”.  Another definition said, “Sometimes called direct or performance-based assessment.” They all said something about real-world and/or performance-based.  So, for this institute, the main tool on which I intend to focus is ThinkLink.  Do I have to change the name of the session?  How can I explain ThinkLink as a technology authentic assessment tool?


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  1. Sharon M. Sizemore said:

    Hey Donna,
    I would love a free year subscription and my principal has said that I can kinda test it out for our school – I would love a webinar – but since I’m teaching till 3:00 everyday – and I would love for my principal to sit in on this – can it be later in the afternoon? We start back week of August 10th –

    Sharon Sizemore
    Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights
    Apple Distinguished Educator 2007
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