Calling DEN Members @ Summer Institutes!!

Calling all DEN members who have already or will be attending Discovery’s Summer Institutes! We are offering each of you a free classroom subscription to Discovery’s new ThinkLink Assessment. Let us know if you are interested………….also we need to plan a webinar to familiarize everyone with the tool. I would love to hear your comments about assessment in general and what you are currently using.  Thanks, Donna



  1. Susan Tompkins said:

    I am excited to test new software. I currently use an Advantage Scanner with an Exam View test bank for pre and post testing. The Datalink scanner offers several reports that can be customized however with limitations. Pre and post testing is part of my PGP. From what you showed us in DC, I am excited about the reports that Thinklink generates. So, count Louisiana in please!

  2. Sally said:

    At my elementary school in Tennessee we are using the AIMSweb Progress Monitoring assessment system. Every student in our school is individually tested three times per year by reading several one minute probes, taking a short math computation timed test, and other very short timed tests, all in reading or math. Tests created by Knox County are used to evaluate progress in our math and reading/language arts curriculum. Skill teaching groups can be created from that information.

    It would be very helpful for a teacher at our school to use ThinkLink as a way of comparing the different assessment tools. The only drawback to piloting ThinkLink is the need for double testing our students. However, in the area of science, ThinkLink would be an invaluable tool! Science assessments are currently of limited nature and would be extremely valuable.

  3. Teryl Magee - TN DEN LC, Chair said:

    I teach in the same school system as Sally, so therefore we use the same assessments. In addition, we are a Project GRAD school, so our studnets are also assessed every nine weeks in reading to place them into their upcoming reading class. With SFA students are grouped homogeneously based on test scores and teacher input. Our school has used ThinkLink in the past, and I would love to see them use it again!

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