Introducing… The Second Life Leadership Council!


One of the new technologies that has been taking the education world by storm has been Second Life.  I’ve written about it a few times on Digital Passports, but the DEN is now officially jumping feet first into the pool.  It might look like all fun and games, but there’s some serious educational opportunities there.  So how’s a STAR Discovery Educator supposed to get their start there and figure out how to navigate the virtual landscape?  Easy!  Just turn to the Second Life Leadership Council!

Like all of our leadership councils, the SL council is made up of dedicated STARs who are interested in taking a leadership role in their community.  They’ll be hosting events, facilitating communication, and helping support newbies get their start.   T

I’m very happy to provide you a link to the SL blog where you can read more about the DEN’s adventures in SL and also learn about what sorts of events they have planned.  Exciting stuff!   Please join me in welcoming Riptipe Furse (Fred Delventhal), Lor Fredriksson (Lori Abrahams), Beth Kohnke (Beth Knittle), Celestia Cazelet (Elaine Plybon), JessieMarie Flanagan (Anne truger) and Laelia Laval (Nancy Sharoff).


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  1. Lori said:

    Look for Event announcements for DEN in SL very soon. We can’t wait to meet you in SL.

  2. Nancy Sharoff said:

    We’re ‘LIVE’!!! We’re ‘LIVE’!!! Make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to get all the updates hot off the press! And remember, initially you can contact any of the LC members if you want a little ‘guidance’ in SL. But within a VERY short amount of time we expect our DEN members to take the lead in mentoring DEs new to SL.

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