Thoughts from the Florida Academic Excursion

I probably won’t do the entire institute justice, so be sure to run over to the DEN Florida blog and read what my new friend, Tom Turner, has to say about the week.

One of the focuses of the week at the Institue was digital storytelling.  The products made during the week were amazing.  One of the finished videos was exceptionally creative.  This group of educators decided that they didn’t want to get bogged down with video, so they used a series of still photographs to make "Dating Game", a video to educate students about the differences between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.  It was very entertaining and I could really see my earth science students loving it!  It really made me think about how we sometimes get so caught up in the "bells and whistles" and forget how something simple can have such a great impact.  I’m sure the video will be viewable soon, I’ll keep you posted.

To look at photos from the Florida Institute, run over to Flickr and search for dni07.  You can also go directly to the DEN Flickr for more photos.  Stay tuned for more Florida Institute installments on the blog!


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