Are You Thinking About Your Students Yet?

As August approaches, do you find yourself thinking about the  students who will be in your class this year?  Wouldn’t it be great if each one of them came with a blueprint into their learning styles?  What if you knew the multiple intelligence of each student in your classroom before you began planning your lessons?  Think of the power you would have to make sure that everyone was learning your material. 

Check out this great Multiple Intelligence website that will allow you to test all your students and receive a graph on each one.  Once you are on the website, you can enter my code (8v50348tt) to see the results of my MI test.  Karen Seddon showed me this wonderful site and suggested hanging the student graphs around the room. I would love to hear how you would use this information in your classroom.

Enjoy the site and don’t think about school too much yet.



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  1. Tim Childers said:

    This was pretty cool! My results code is p8k5tt0647pd if anyone is interested. I’ve sent this to the teachers on my team to see if we want to add this to our list of assessments for every student in our school for the year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karen said:

    Thanks, for sharing Tom! So, when are you singing us a song? Karen #1 thanks again for showing us this site! Loved it! Hope everyone is gearing up for the new year! Have a fantastic first week back at school!

    Karen (Thing 2)

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