New Teacher Hotline Podcast

There is a fairly new website out there geared to new teachers.  It is called the New Teacher Hotline.  This is how they bill the site:

We at the New Teacher Hotline podcast know your pain, and we’ve got the aloe of veteran experience to soothe your blistered skin. Join Dr. Glen Moulton, a supervisor of instruction and lifelong teacher trainer, and Michael Kelley, the author of Rookie Teaching for Dummies, twice a month as they help you stop, drop, and roll your way through your first few years of teaching.

The site is up to ten podcasts so far.  Each podcast lists links of the topics covered.  By clicking a link, you can see all the podcasts that contain that topic.

Listeners are asked to submit questions for future shows as well.  You can subscribe via iTunes or through RSS.  Check it out and share it with the new teachers at your school! 


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  1. Teryl Magee - TN DEN LC, Chair said:

    Thanks, Tim! I will love passing this on to our new teachers. Our mentoring team is meeting next week to plan our year, and I am sure they will be excited about this!

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