August webinar schedule…. And much much more!

I know that nobody wants to think about summer tapering off while it’s still beautiful and sunny outside, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy your break.  And what better way to spend it than by exercising your brain at our summer webinar series! 

You’ll find links to the August webinars below, kicking off with a demonstration of the best assessment program that you never realized you needed.  ThinkLink Assessment will knock your socks off, especially if the letters N C L and B send chills down your spine.

Of course, the August webinars are just the tip of the iceberg.  We have nearly 100 webinars planned out for the 2007-2008 school year.  This includes EdTechConnect, featuring the top names in the EdTech Community.  This year we’ll thrilled to be able to share with you Daniel Pink, Claudia L’Amoreaux from Linden Labs, Wesley Fryer, Vicki Davis, Tim Lauer,  and many others.  Inspired by the wildly successful Planet Earth webinar and Space Week webinar, we are introducing our new Discovery Connect series, which will connect students and teachers directly to the cast and crew of your favorite Discovery programs.  This series will take place during the school day so that you can participate in it with your classes.  Write down the dates early because you will NOT want to miss these!  Of course, there will be plenty of DEN webinars ranging from cutting edge workshops on new technologies to  encore presentations some of your favorite webinars (podcasting, 50 Ways to use unitedstreaming and more).  And that still isn’t all.  Every week we’ll be offering up Product Demonstrations of the many services Discovery Education has to offer, hosted by the people who know the products best.  They’re a great way to learn more about a product that’s unfamiliar to you or to learn some new tricks for the sites you use everyday.  All in all, you can count on quality webinars from the Discovery Education team, every single week of the upcoming year!

While the topics for some of the webinars still haven’t been set up yet, if you register for them now you’ll be alerted automatically when the topics and descriptions are entered in.  Register for one, or register for 20, you can’t go wrong with Discovery Education webinars!

August webinar schedule:

If you have trouble seeing the schedule, you can also find it here


































7/30/2007 1:00pm EST ThinkLink
  Assessment: I can see clearly now!
Donna Neblett
8/6/2007 1:00pm EST OnePlace Bill Macdonald
8/7/2007 5:00pm EST The
  Secret ‘i" in iPod
Hall Davidson
8/20/2007 1:00pm EST Help Math Bill MacDonald
8/20/2007 1:00pm EST PowerMediaPlus Sara Fisher
8/21/2007 7:00pm EST Makin’
Joe Brennen
8/27/2007 1:00pm EST Science
Bob Onsi
8/28/2007 7:00pm EST State
  of the DEN Report & Feedback
Scott Kinney



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