Come to DEN Headquarters

Finally got into Second Life this a.m., between that and my Twitter response from JessieMarie I’ve got the landmark for you to get to the DEN headquarters.

Here’s some step-by-step instructions:

1.  Log in to SL.

2.  Click on ^Map^ on the lower right of your screen.

3.  In the box in front of ^Search^, type ‘EduIsland II’.

4.  Click on ^Search^

5.  You’ll see ‘EduIsland II’ appear in the search box underneath and it should be highlighted.

6.  Go down to ^Location^.

7.  Type in ’69’ in the first box, ’99’ in the second box, and ’21 in the third box.

8.  Click on ‘Teleport’.

That’s it!  You will arrive near the Information Desk in the DEN Headquarters.  Here’s a piece of advice (heed this ESPECIALLY during our August 15th Premiere Gala Event).  MOVE!!!  That’s right, remember if everyone types in those coordinates at the same time we could have a massive pile-up (of avatars)!  Of course, I’ll be standing by with a camera to record these events! LOL

Wizard Animation

Wizard Animation

Wizard Animation


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