STAR Access to HELP Math

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 14th to learn more about HELP Math.  We will be offering two STAR-centered webinars (12 PM EST and 5 PM EST) that will provide you with an overview of HELP Math.  At the end of each webinar, interested STARs will learn how to access HELP Math for FREE for the 2007-2008 school year.

Register for the webinar at 12 PM EST (Tuesday, August 14).

Register for the webinar at 5 PM EST (Tuesday, August 14).

If you have any questions about HELP Math before the webinars, please feel free to contact Joanne Wagner ( 

About HELP Math: Making the Language of Mathematics Accessible
ELL students struggle with the specialized language of math as well as the language of instruction. Only 10% of eighth-grade and 4% of 12th-grade Spanish-speaking students are performing at or above grade level.  HELP Math is the only multimedia, supplementary Web-based program designed to increase comprehensibility and promote the acquisition of math and English-language skills. Research-based and tested in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Education, HELP Math targets ELL students, with a focus on Spanish-speaking middle-school students.

For more information about HELP Math, download the PDF below.

Download help_math_flyer.pdf