Web 2.0 Wednesday — Twitter!

Okay, I must confess — I was one of the people who read Steve Dembo’s blog about Twitter a few months ago and thought "what in the world would I do with that?"  Well, during the National Institute, Steve demonstrated Twitter to us and challenged us to use it and learn about its power.  It was amazing.  One group sent out a "tweet" looking for a teacher in Australia who would be willing to participate in a Skype call with a class here in the states.  In less than an hour (I think it was actually something like 15 minutes), a teacher was found and a new collaboration was born!

If you are a Discovery Educator, you know and have experienced the power of collaboration.  If you haven’t tried Twitter yet, get an account set up and give it a try.  It costs nothing, and I believe you’ll find a great use for it.  Once you get set up, follow glad2be (that’s me) and look for other educators to add to your list.  You’ll be amazed!


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