Are We Killing Creativity?

Wow . . . Thanks to Ken Pruitt for sharing this video on his DuBois and Beyond Ning network.  I also published this over on my cliotech blog.

The video is from a presentation delivered by Sir Ken Robinson at the 2006 TED Conference (TED = Technology, Entertainment, Design).

I have been engaged in conversation with colleagues for years about what we have perceived as a decline in independent thinking and creativity among our students.  So often it appears that students are motivated primarily by the grade and less by the experience.  All too often they get boxed in by rubrics and exemplars and cannot think outside of that box. Yet, expected practice dictates that we provide students with rubrics, exemplars, and other resources to ensure their success.  While I understand that, philosophically I am opposed to students working to my expectations rather than to their own.  I don’t want them performing for me, I want them to intrinsically driven to learn and share their learning with others. Perhaps, that is why I am so attracted to Web 2.0 applications . . .

Anyway, watch the video.  It is immensely entertaining and I think it will engender some critical conversations.

What are your reactions to Sir Ken Robinson’s observations? 


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  1. joe Brennan said:

    What a great video! Folks, put 20 minutes aside to listen to this guy. “…from early on we start educating children from the waist up, then focus on the head, and slightly to one side…. It seems like the whole system is designed to create university professors… a different form of life.”

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