How To: Create a Landmark

Want an easy way to return to DEN in SL Headquarters?  Anything beats flying around the EduIsland II sim looking for DEN in SL (now was it near the castle?  maybe next to the self-guided tour car?).  Remember, DEN in SL is on EduIsland II at 69, 99, 21.  Get yourself there and you’ll never need to wander around SL again!

Simple step-by-step guide to creating a Landmark in SL.  Remember, you can use these directions to create any number of landmarks so you can easily return to your favorite places.  Just be sure to change the labels in the directions!

Get yourself to DEN in SL Headquarters (I promise this will be the last time you have to wander around!), then:

1.  Click on ^World^ in the top menu bar.

2.  Select ^Create Landmark Here^.

3.  The landmark will automatically appear in your ^Inventory^ in the ^Landmarks^ folder. 

If you wish to rename your landmark:

1.  Right-click on the landmark and select ^Rename^.

2.  The landmark is high-lighted and you can type in a new title (you might want to type in ‘DEN in SL’).

Note:  A window also opens up with the landmark on your screen, for now just close ^X^ out of it.


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