How To: Join DEN in SL

So you’ve heard about Second Life.  You’ve read the posts on this blog (and perhaps other blogs related to Second Life).  You’ve signed up for an account.  You may even have gotten your avatar off of Orientation Island (congrats BTW!!!).  Now what? 

You DEFINITELY want to join the DEN group in SL.  That way you’ll be sure to receive any group notices that get sent out.  And you get one of those cool little ‘head tags’ that identify you as a DEN in SL member!

It’s really quite easy.  And I’m just the one to take you step-by-step through the process!

1.  Click on ^Search^ on the bottom menu bar.

2.  Click on the ^Groups^ tab.

3.  In the search box type ‘Discovery Educator Network’.

4.  When you locate Discovery Educator Network in the list that appears, click on it.

5.  You’ll notice that on the right side of the ^Search^ window you will notice information about Discovery Educator Network.

6.  Click on ^Join^.

By joining DEN in SL you’ll get in-world announcements just for DEN members.

That was it!!!  Now how easy was that?! 


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