Ribs, Wings, and the SC DEN

I am still floating on a cloud after tonight’s dinner. The SC DEN kicked off the 2007-08 school year with an event in conjunction with the SCeTV summer workshops. It was so great to meet DEN members and potential DEN members throughout the state. About 35 DEN members and guests showed up for food and fellowship at Carolina Wings in Columbia’s Vista.

The event even has its own surprises…. Scott Kinney, Director of DEN; Brad Fountain, South AccountImg_0974_2 Manager; and  Candace Mowery, "newbie" to Discovery Education joined us. This was such a treat. It’s great to have Brad back in the region with DEN. So can we say tonight was Brad’s unveiling? WELCOME BACK! We’ve missed you.

Seeing the number of people who turned out really excited me about how South Carolina’s DEN has and continues to grow. After the dinner, Scott and I were talking… and we would like to challenge South Carolina DEN members… let’s boost STAR membership to 100 by SC EdTech in October. Are you up for the challenge? Our present count is around 73 members. Get the word out… So we can celebrate a milestone at EdTech! Remember, membership has its privileges! As we start getting the word out send me the names of anyone who you help/encourage to apply for STAR status. Let’s see who can recruit the most STAR educators by October 24, 2007.

Of course it wouldn’t be a DEN event if prizes weren’t given out. Along with a bag of goodies Discovery Education donated flashdrives, lab coats, and TWO FULL versions of the Planet Earth DVD series. Congratulations to STAR educator, Dawnn Turner and soon to be STAR Educator, Madell Dobrushin for winning the DVDImg_0975
sets. Thank you to SceTV for donating the tote, bags, pencils, and pens for the event.

Our DEN family got a little bigger tonight and I hope to see and hear from our members throughout the school year. Please email if you are interested in a new technology, want to share, or just need to get together with DEN members. I look forward to sharing, learning, and leading in technology with you. Its a pleasure to have such a big family in SC!

To see more photos of the evening click here.






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  1. Tracy Standhart said:

    Looks like a great time. Everyone seems to be having fun. With MaryAnn as the hostess, how can you go wrong? 🙂 Good luck on your climb to 100!
    Can’t wait to have these events in NY.

  2. Dawnn Turner said:

    I want to say THANKS for a WONDERFUL time at the networking meeting July 31st. For those of you that didn’t go you missed out on a GREAT time and for those of you who went you know what I mean. I am now the envy of my school and everyone loves me with my new door prizes of Google Earth and my Lab coat. Thanks again for a wonderful time and I will be encouraging others to join the ranks of STAR educators.

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