Web Trends Map – This should clear things up for you

The folks over at Information Architects Japan have created a new version of their WebTrends map.  It’s essentially a subway map of the Top 200 websites, and the links between them.

There’s a ton of versions of it, including a clickable ‘live’ map.  Stand back, soak it all in and then explore.  It’s a pretty fascinating look at the web landscape.  One thing I found rather interesting about it is that they labeled sites as Web .5 thru Web 2.5. Not sure i agree with all of their rankings there, but it’s definitely a conversation starter.


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  1. Heather Sullivan- NJ DEN LC said:

    I agree about the classification system- I don’t really agree with all of their deliniations- what shared characteristics are they using to classify? This discussion will continue for awhile…Related, & perhaps more important topic is the classification system of tagging (2007 vs. ’07, etc.) I’m interested to see what type of “universal” system we start evolving towards AND how we get there (teachers’ responsibility, media specialists, you’re on your own…?)

    While we’re on the topic of maps- found another interesting, interactive one via del.icio.us: http://www.kwfdn.org/map/map.aspx

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