First ever DEN SL party

Second Life (SL) has become a new fetish for lots of us. It’s both absorbing and fascinating. If you’ve been waiting to try it out, now is your chance to get your own ‘avatar’. The DEN SL Leadership Council is hosting the first DEN Gala Event on August 15 5:30-7:30pm. That’s SL time, which luckily for us on the west coast, is the same as California Daylight time. The meeting is at DEN’s SL headquarters on Eduisland II 98,95,21. I’ll be coming back from a vacation the night before but should make it. Hope to see many of you floating in!

Download flyer_for_premier_gala_event1.pdf



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  1. atruger said:

    We hope to see many of you Californians there and ready to party! If anyone needs help getting set up before hand please drop me and email and we will get you set up with someone who can hold your hand and walk you through before the Gala.

    ~JessieMarie Flanagan (SL)
    DEN Leadership Council in SL

  2. Kathryn Odell said:

    The Discovery part of Eduisland was very cool. I probably should have taken up JessieMarie’s offer of handholding, because I felt pretty lost in terms of knowing how to do anything!

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