Golden Apples

Got to spend a couple of hours sharing my “Makin’ Movies” take on digital storytelling with the Illinois Golden Apple Teachers digital storytelling workshop at the University of Chicago Lab School yesterday and I think I missed a golden opportunity. One of the facilitators was Syd Lieberman, a noted storyteller. He was hard at work assisting people with their narratives when I came in and set up. And he was just as busy helping folks as I was packing up to leave and the teachers were breaking for lunch. I did find some stories at his website and on iTunes. You might want to give him a listen.
Back to the workshop and regrets aside, I did enjoy getting to know the Golden Apple program a little better. I’ve watched the honorees’ ceremony every year on the local PBS station and been delighted to see good, dedicated and creative teachers recognized. I also met a lady who was from my old south side Chicago parish and was working on a story about a little nun who terrified us all (God bless her soul!) What great memories recalling lining up without a sound for everything and moving two by two to our assigned destinations. Though we were a few years apart, all it took was the mention of a couple of infamous trouble makers’ names to bring us both back to the “blacktop,” the “wall,” and the park that defined the property and our world for eight grades.
The workshop is also connected to the Teaching Excellence Network and you might enjoy exploring some of the digital storytelling resources listed in their July 30th blog post.



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