Keynote Sharing from the Group!

Groupshare A good keynote should inform, stimulate, and inspire. With luck, it can have immediate impact on every participant.  At the Caribbean learning experience, we reinvigorated the keynote by having a group share.  It took the form of American Idol, with a trio of judges–Grumpy, Pushover, and Effervescent– in tuxedo shirts.  There were great ideas and I’m here to share them with you.  Forgive me, and correct me if you were there, as my own notes wereJenn  hard to decipher.:)    Katie shared an inexpensive video camera with a 30 minute capacity (perfect for podcasting or web video).  She found it at Rite-Aid for $85 ($119 elsewhere).  Info at Jeanine shared Flickr Toys, and demo’d some faux inspirational posters she built there.  Neat stuff and visually wonderful.  Dave shared an instructional strategy:  use the audio in the room more!  For countdowns on timed work for students, he uses drums.  Whatever the choice, the idea of more information, delivered via music Judges which clearly heads for an ending, is a cool media tip.  I remember in the past teachers sharing great songs for timed work, like math seatwork.  A three-minute song used regularly adds a helpful information for the task. (What’s your favorite?)  Dave was also huge on the importance of playlists. "Bo Derek" Bridget showed, a wonderful community of readers and sharers and a natural extension of community sites into literacy. Jennifer G. shared two great sites, TeacherTube (with the that great teacher perimeter rap) and, noted mainly because she got a free mug there :). Amy contributed, an astonishing free virtual planetarium and, a very useful mapping programing with an added community element. Elaine talked about her success with, a place Chromakeydembo where teachers can post wishlists–and get them!  There are restrictions, so not everybody benefits, unfortunately. Rachel showed off KnightCite, where MLA format citations are easily built.  She also challenge all the presenters in attendance to always cite their sources!!!  Steve D. shared, an amazing site that allows videos made from screen captures–without installing software.  One of the final issues to resolve:  Whose notebook is this?  If you recognize the writing, leave me a comment and I’ll mail you your notes!Notebook


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  1. Tanya Gray said:

    My roommate, Anne Truger lost her notebook with notes. This could be hers!

  2. Hall Davidson said:

    I sent you an email but in case you didn’t get it, if the notebook is Anne’s let me know and I’ll get it to her. I lose notebooks now and then and depend on the kindness of strangers 🙂

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