Webinar with Hall Davidson: The Secret “i” in iPod

If you know Hall, then you know he loves his iPod.  Funny thing though, I can’t recall ever seeing him plug headphones into it and listen to music…..  Instead he’s it to listen to podcasts, to record digital story voice overs, to read articles, to provide ambiance for a workshop, as a presentation device, etc.etc.etc…. 

Want to become an iPod ninja yourself?  Then join him for his webinar tomorrow, "The Secret ‘i’ in iPod".  While we can’t make any promises, you just MIGHT learn enough to convince your principal to buy you an iPod of your own!

Click here to enroll
and while you’re there, be sure to enroll for any of your other favorite DEN presenters and presentations during the 07-08 school year.


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  1. Tanya Gray said:

    Enjoyed the webinar today. I appreciate the powerpoint being posted on the blog. My homework for tonight – get a powerpoint presentation on my iPod!

  2. Paula Marini said:

    I was not able to take part in the iPod webinar last night but am very interested in the PPT. Where will it be posted? Thank you.

  3. Linda Benafel said:

    I look forward to seeing again the powerpoint that Hall did for this excellent seminar. I especially liked the sound effects of the dog barking in the background, very realistic ;-).

    He provided so many great tips on how to use the iPod in so many creative ways that today I can’t remember them all. I wasn’t taking notes, so the PPT will be greatly appreciated.

  4. Elaine Plybon - Texas and SL LC said:

    I missed the webinar — when and where will the ppt be posted? I mentioned the webinar in some training I did this week and everyone was interested! Maybe a repeat performance is due?

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