Summer Learnin'

My summer of learning and sharing at institutes came to a screeching halt yesterday as I waved good-bye to a few van loads of DEN attendees bound for a day in San Francisco. My cab for the Oakland airport arrived just a half an hour later to begin my journey back to the heat and humidity of the Chicago area. Visiting California’s Berkeley campus these last few days was truly moving (and it wasn’t just because they assured me on check-in that I was staying in one of the new, quake proof dorms).
First, there was the “history.” Hall and I were so excited in our reminiscing about Berkeley’s role in the social activism of the 60’s that it drove one of our younger colleagues to Wikipedia to check our facts. We were glad to see that community awareness is still alive in the form of several agencies and national institutes that we passed by or saw advertised around campus.

Darcygreen Then there was the movie making project the ten teams of DEN educators took on. After a quick intro to the AFI ScreenEd manual and clips on unitedstreaming, we dove right into the basic door scene and the extended “not in Kansas anymore” follow-up. I am just amazed at how well and how enthusiastically educators have accepted the challenge and run, stumbled, fallen, and jumped right through the door and into another world. From keeping your heart healthy, to a teacher eating vacuum and clothes dryer, and right down to a “psycho” talking toilet, creativity and fun brought learning to a whole new level. And those #$!@%& dorm keys came back to haunt me when I found mine in my pocket as I went through airport security. I had to leave the gate area to get to a mailbox and then go through #$!@%& security again.

Here’s a PDF version of the Makin’ Movies presentation that I shared and the Sean Astin overview of the ScreenEd program and video clips is here on the AFI site.
So as my very full summer of sharing and learning draws to a close, I hope I can keep track of all of the wonderful tips and sites I picked up as well as stay in touch with Steve Dembo, my institute roomie through three states and two countries.


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  1. darcy said:

    ok, so yeah, we had a great time…and you left way tooooooooooo early, Joe. You owe me a “pool” game, which i’ll collect in October.

    you’re a great asset to DEN, thanks for BEING, Joe!


  2. Diana Kenney said:

    Hi Joe,

    You are an amazing teacher. I learned so much from your presentation. My filming and photography skills have truly improved from your direction_Magic Thirds will never leave my brain. In fact, I’m not sure how I will ever watch a movie without thinking of the kind of shots are being used in each scene!

    You’ve open my eyes to a whole new world!

    Diana Kenney, California

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