Back to School Blues…

Can’t hardly believe it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve posted anything. Bleh…I’ll just blame that on getting back to school and being in Hilton Head Island for my final vacational blowout before back to school time.

Many of us are heading back to school here in Florida this upcoming week. If you are an 11 month employee like myself, well, I’ve technically been back now for 2 full weeks. We won’tIlluminate_2 count the 10 extra days I worked over the summer as vacation. Before we all head back to the classrooms and hallways of our campuses, I wanted to share this one thing with you all. I created this using FlickrToys and my Flickr account. The image was taken on our first morning of the DNI Institute aboard the Carnival FunShip Sensation. Remember, our jobs are to Illuminate, to be the beacon of light, of the endless possibilities available to all of our students. Sorry for getting all deep on everyone there. I just think with all the hoopla and stress leading up to the first day of school, sometimes that fact is forgotten by everyone.

Now onto some more serious and pressing issues. One thing that I’ve done since coming back from the DNI Academic Excursion Institute has been to play around in Second Life some. I’ve not really traveled around all that much, I’ve just enjoyed the conversations with alot of people at the DEN house, as well as the Blogger’s Cafe. I’m not going to mention going to the Tombstone re-creation and the chaps incident. It’s just too darned scary!

One thing I’m very sure you’ve heard about is the DEN SL gala event. It’s being held August 15th at the DEN House (coordinates: 69,94,22). If you haven’t given SL a try yet, or just starting, load it up and join some great conversations that can be had. If you are looking for a way to connect with your fellow DEN members, here’s a great way. Feel free to add me as a friend (Mithras Barbosa). I by no means am very able within SL as of yet, but great folks on the SL Council can definitely help you out!

Hope to see you all there…



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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Tom, good to see you back online! I look forward to chatting with your alter ego in SL on the 15th. By the way, I’m taking my summer vacation during our fall break in October. Who says teachers get the summers off? 🙂

  2. Teryl Magee - TN DEN LC, Chair said:

    Tom, the getting deep part is probably good for all of us! We just headed back this last week and had the kids for a 1/2 day on Thur. and a full day on Friday. At the beginning of the year I think it is always good to gain perspective again and focus. Thanks…and maybe see you, Tim, and others on the 15th in SL. Right now I’m not even sure if I have a 1st one though!

  3. darcy said:

    great post, as always, Tom…i think i got at least 3-4 converts at the last summer institute in Berkeley…Poppy Offcourse (Caren Alane),Trish Collins (Patty Tucker), and Sara Seesaw ( ithink, Amy Dent) could use some friends and help, too…i might have more people searching out friendships in SL…but we should see them at the GALA next week!
    you shoudl have seen “naked italian man” in our finished project…he flew in when i was taking a picture, and he was unclothed! very funny SL shot!

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