DEN Stars in Berkeley

Engaging, Empowering, Collaborating and having a real good
time are just a few words that describe the National Institute of DEN STARS in Berkeley. The institute
which took place on the Berkeley
campus, allowed us to form a cohesive learning community where we shared
innovative ideas and learned from each other on a daily basis.

A great quote from Hall Davidson, “Make your own horse –go
forth and ride,” launched the beginning of the institute. We were all inspired
to do just that. While at Berkeley we had numerous opportunities to work with different collaborative groups and
participate in many team-building activities while at the same time having the chance
to bond with dorm roommates.

The four-day institute provided us the opportunity to be
creative, learn new skills, try out new technology resources and participate in
hands-on learning using Web 2.0 tools. All projects were created in a
collaborative non-threatening group/team environment where team members could
share their expertise and learn from each other.  As both educators and learners, we were able
to think critically, apply knowledge to new situations, and analyze information
in a variety of ways. This DEN Institute of Star Educators brought together a
community of learners where we communicated, collaborated, solved problems and
made decisions as a team. All the
activities allowed us to transform and enhance our learning journey.

Not only was this an institute where the latest and greatest
technology resources, creative tools and digital learning all came together,
the Berkeley DEN institute also provided the opportunity to participate in the Night
of the Stars, Team Game Nights and a wonderful trip to San Francisco.

DEN STAR Institutes empower and encourage teachers to
DISCOVER and use new resources that transform teaching and learning. The
knowledge gained at these institutes will allow the STARS to embark on new
learning adventures with their students in their classrooms.

I think I will need to download my brain on a hard-drive.  It is so full of wonderful ideas, resources
and skills learned at the institute and I cannot wait to share with others.

Thanks. DEN Team. I look forward to the next DEN Institute







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  1. Juan Orozco said:

    Wow!! It sounds like you had a great time. I can’t wait until you are able to share what you learned with Austin ISD.


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