Have It Your Way!

Have It Your Way!

As we get deeper into the digital world, we find ourselves using
all kinds of digital media.  For better or worse, the media formats we
use are getting more and more broad with every new technology that
emerges.  Sometimes,we need to convert an Open Office document to a
Word doc or pdf.  Sometimes we need to convert a wav file to an MP3.
And don’t we all love to take videos from YouTube and save them to our
own computers (Flash to avi)! 

In the past you pretty much needed to be a professional hacker to
accomplish these tasks in a simple way. Now there are tools, both
online and downloadable software that can take care of this for you.
One of my favorites is Zamzar. It doesn’t need a whole lot of an intro.  Go
there and check it out.  To download/convert videos from a website
click the URL button.  In terms of converting files that are not listed
on Zamzar or converting files without uploading/downloading them first
there are tons of downloadable tools that you can use as well.  I would
suggest simply Googling for a tool.

A great way to use some of these features is to download YouTube videos
for educational purposes (copyright permissions permitting, of course).
Additionally, we’d like you to search United Streaming for relevant
material first 😉
Some other conversion tools out there include :  Vixy,
Hand Brake (download), KeepVid and many more…


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