What Wets Your Web Whistle?

Calling all DEN members-

While the DEN is hard at work blaizing trails in Web 3, many educators still don’t harness the power of Web 2 in their classrooms (& as we all know, some would even say, "I didn’t know there was a Web 1.0

Next week we are having a Days of Discovery extravaganza in NJ, & I need your help (Please)!  Bev Plein will be doing a lab on Digital Storytelling, & I will be doing a presentation on Web 2.0 tools.  Since it’s the start of the new school year, I’d really like to get everyone super-motivated & excited about what’s out there for themselves & their students.  I will be showing some of my favorite tools but I’ d love to be able to step outside my own little box of a mind & present what you all consider to be your favorite, most fun, most handy, easiest, can’t live without, etc. 2.0 tools.

Please list your favorite Web 2.0 tools as a comment to this post.  Don’t forget to also tell me WHY you love your pick- I’d like to include your quotes in my handouts.

I need to have the presentation ready by Monday, 8.20, so if you can leave your comments by then I’d be Oh So Happy 🙂

Muchos, Muchos Gracias!

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  1. Tonya Wilson said:

    Well, Heather, the Web 2.0 tools are still fairly new to me. If I had to pick one I guess it would be Flicker (if that qualifies). I have enjoyed being able to share up-to-date photos with my family.

  2. Tim Childers said:

    I enjoy using Flickr as well. I also use http://www.pbwiki.com to set up planning pages for our team members. Google Earth is another I am just now starting to use, but its applications cover nearly every area of the curriculum. And let’s not forget the addictiveness of the DEN blogs (as well as the other 25 or so I read nearly every day)!

  3. Marie Coleman said:

    Besides blogs, RSS, wikis, and podcasting, my favorite web 2.0 tools are google docs & spreadsheets, del.icio.us, slideshare, mindomo or gliffy, and twitter! Hope your event goes well – there’s so much to explore!

  4. Rick Loughery said:

    Hi –

    I am not a teacher but work with two Web 2.0 companies that might be of interest:
    meebo – http://www.meebo.com
    scanR – http://www.scanr.com

    The DEN California group has made reference of meebo – http://www.denblogs.com/california/tech_tools_for_teachers/index.html
    and here is an example of how a teacher has integrated meebo on to her blog http://techteachr.blogspot.com/

    scanR is an application that turns a cameraphone (or regular digital camera) into a copier, scanner, and fax machine. They have an application for Facebook that might be of interest. It lets people post and share class notes.


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