CUEtoYOU Presents the AFI Screen Education Workshop at CSUMB

CUEtoYOU is proud to announce a special partnership with the
American Film Institute (AFI) and Cal State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB).
CUEtoYOU will host the AFI Screen Education workshop at the CSUMB Language Lab
on Saturday September 22nd. In this hands-on workshop, teachers and
administrators of all grade levels and subjects will learn how to use filmmaking
as a tool to engage student learning. Through experiential lessons, participants
will learn to shoot, plan, edit, and critique film and make connection to their
curricula. The workshop is lead by Frank Guttler, Associate Director of the
American Film Institute K-12 Screen Education Center and lead professional
development trainer for the last 5 years.

workshop runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm on September 22nd. Coffee and refreshments
will be served at 8:30am and a working lunch will also be included in the
workshop.  The cost to CUE members is only $155. Non-members merely pay an
additional $40 for a full year of CUE membership. (Bring your own digital video
camera and tape if possible.)

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  1. Vidyut Kale said:

    I found this very interesting. I live in Indis. does anyone know about similar workshops in or around Mumbai?

    I do a lot of work with youth, and wouldn’t even mind helping with organizing one, if someone is interested.

  2. Mark Wagner said:

    Thanks for passing this on, Dave. I really appreciate it. Here’s to hoping we fill it with educators hungry for the experience…

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